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The Brick & Mortar Coffee Story

Our love is people, our design is simple, our craft is coffee.

Brick & Mortar Coffee isn’t your average coffee roaster. Our coffee company has laid a new foundation designed to move people toward greater coffee craftsmanship. Everything, from our tasting room, community table, to our coffee roasting process, is simple – built to serve. We build relationships through sharing our coffee, experience, and tools so you can continue the craft in your own home or café.


Coffee Roaster Brew Guide

These carefully chosen brew method guides represent collaboration between baristas, coffee roasters, cafes, coffee shops, and all those folks crafting exceptional coffee out of their homes. These are simple, foundational, a first step into coffee craftsmanship. Print, share, discuss, experiment, critique, refute, and learn. Get everything you can out of these, then come join us weekly at the community table for more.


Online Coffee Shop

Our craft is coffee, and the online coffee shop is where to get it. Like stepping into our tasting room, our online shop has everything you’d find at our brick and mortar location. It’s designed to be the perfect place for you to purchase a handful of our diligently selected offerings from around the world. Each mason jar contains the perfect portions, and our merchandise section is where you’ll find the tools to continue the craft in your own home or cafe.


Bulk Whole Bean Coffee

Need more whole bean coffee? If you’re getting more than 5 lbs, buying in bulk is a bridge between committing to a wholesale relationship with a coffee supplier and buying a couple jars at a time. Whether you’re interested in grabbing a five pound bag to try in your cafe or for supplying a small office full of coffee addicts, bulk is the answer. Choose from a variety including Costa Rican coffee, Colombian coffee, Brazilian coffee and more. We offer a 20% discount across the board on all bulk purchases.


Wholesale Coffee

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