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We offer a few hand-picked brewing methods at our coffee shop. We’ve found by long experience that by having less, we can focus more. These brewing guides represent a collaboration between baristas, coffee roasters, cafes, and all those folks crafting exceptional coffee out of their homes. These are simple, foundational, a first step into hand-crafted coffee excellence.

Here at Brick & Mortar Coffee, we’re not coffee snobs – we’re everyday coffee roasters learning lessons, engaging community, tasting brews, and enjoying every minute of it. We invite you to learn alongside us and make the most out of your coffee roasting and coffee drinking experience each and every time.

Feel free to take these coffee roaster brewing guides and use them as you wish. Print, share, discuss, experiment, critique, refute, and learn. Get everything you can out of these, then come join us weekly at the community table for more.

For more information about our coffee roasting schedule, community table, coffee products, or whole bean coffee orders, contact us today. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.