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Coffee Brewing Guide: AeroPress

A very unique coffee brewing method. The AeroPress uses total immersion and gentle pressure to produce coffee with a smaller volume and extraordinarily rich flavor with lower acidity and less bitterness. Brick & Mortar Coffee suggests using micro-filters to produce a clean, particle-free brew.

Coffee: 17 grams

Water: 220 grams

Bloom: 110 grams,  immediate stir for 10 seconds.

Temp: 190°F

Grind: Medium-Fine (Finer than a paper-filter setting.) 4A on Forte.

Step 1

Invert AeroPress Brewer, seat filter in Aeropress cap.
Rinse Hario filter with hot water. Also, preheat the brewer & carafe.

Dry run the grinder, discarding any old grounds.

Grind 18 grams of fresh whole bean coffee.

Place ground coffee in brewer, shake to disperse & level grounds.

Discard preheating water.

Tare Acaia Scale.

Start timer.

Step 2

Pour 110 grams of 190°F water to bloom the coffee bed.

Stir aggressively for 10 seconds with the AeroPress Stir-Stick.

Pour 110 grams of 190°F water to reach 220 grams total.

Step 3

Screw the Aeropress cap with rinsed filter on top of brewer & press out remaining air until coffee beads on top.

Allow coffee to steep for 45 seconds.

Step 4

Right the AeroPress, press out the brewed coffee for 20 seconds until you hear the ‘hiss’ of dissipated air.

Unscrew cap, discard spent filter/grounds, & rinse brewing equipment.

Step 5

Serve & enjoy!