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Coffee Brewing Guide: Clever Brewer

Easy to use and easy to clean, the Clever Coffee Dripper is our favorite full immersion coffee brewing method. It combines the best features of French press and filter drip brewing, controlling steeping time and yet eliminating sediment. In the cup, coffees brewed with the Clever have greater body, more uniform profiles, and a broad spectrum of flavor extraction. Brick & Mortar Coffee recommends this coffee brewing method for anyone looking to try something new.

Coffee: 31 grams

Water: 460 grams

Bloom: 60 grams

Temperature: 200°F

Grind: Coarse (Slightly finer than a French Press grind, similar to a Kalita grind) 8A on Forte.

Step 1

Fold bottom & edge of Filtropa #4 Filter, seat in Clever Brewer.

Rinse filter, preheating brewer.

Discard preheating water.

Place coffee in filter, shake to level grounds, dimple coffee bed.

Tare Acaia Scale.

Start timer.

Step 2

Carefully pour 60 grams of 200°F water to bloom the coffee bed.

Allow the coffee bed to bloom (de-gas/saturate) for 30 seconds.

Aggressively pour to a total of 460 grams.

Step 3

Place lid on brewer, & let coffee steep for 3:00.

Place Clever on carafe for coffee to drain.

Gently discard spent filter/grounds & rinse brewing equipment.

Step 4

Serve & enjoy!