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Coffee Brewing Guide: Kalita Wave

Kalita Wave Dripper is Brick & Mortar Coffee’s flagship gravity method for coffee brewing. Wave Drippers promote even extraction of coffee with a flat-bottom brew bed, delicate control, & temperature stability. In the cup, coffees brewed with the Wave are medium bodied with great flavor note clarity. The Kalita Wave is used by some of the top coffeebars and professionals around and always results in an excellent, quality tasting brew.

Coffee: 24 grams

Water: 360 grams

Bloom: 50 grams

100g pulse-poors

Temperature: 200°F

Grind: Coarse (Slightly coarser than a paper-filter setting but not quite a French Press grind.) 7M-8A on Forte.

Step 1

Seat Kalita Wave 185 Filter in Kalita 185 Brewer.
Rinse filter with hot water, preheating the brewer & carafe.

Dry run the grinder, discarding any old grounds.

Grind 24 grams of fresh whole bean coffee.

Step 2

Place ground coffee in filter, shake to disperse & level grounds. Dimple the coffee bed.

Discard preheating water.

Tare Acaia Scale.

Start timer.

Step 3

Carefully pour 50 grams of 200°F water in a small circle to bloom the coffee bed.

Allow the coffee bed to bloom (de-gas/saturate) for 30-45 seconds, waiting longer for fresher, more gaseous roasts.

Pulse-pour 100 grams of water at a time, letting the bed halfway drain before pouring the next pulse.

Pulse-pour to a total of 360 grams of water.
Pour should finish around 2:15-2:30 depending on bloom.

Step 4

Water should be completely drained by 3:30-4:00, once again, dependent on bloom.

Gently discard spent filter/grounds & rinse brewing equipment.

Step 5

Serve & enjoy!